Enjoy incredible perks such as:

  • After-sales attention included: how to use the urn and germinate the seeds.
  • 100% Eco friendly, the best green option.
  • Certified by the Green Burial Council with the highest level, 3 Leaf.
  • Made in USA, we are manufacturers. We provide a high-quality experience applying top industry standards to the product's materials, design, and image.
  • Price: Being the lowest in the market.
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Dumb cane - Pets

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Urn with Dumb cane seed

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This product have an ecological certification from the "Green Burial Council" with the highest existing score.

How it works?

The Kiri urn is 100% biodegradable and friendly to the planet.

If a large part of the population used it, the results of tree planting could help contain and reverse the greenhouse effect.

 It contains two built-in compartments, the lower compartment to hold the ashes of your loved one and the upper compartment for the germination of the tree.

 It was designed to biodegrade three weeks after being planted, providing care for the growth of the tree during its initial stage.

 Its simple and intuitive design makes it easy for anyone to use.

 Tip: When planting your urn, be sure to follow the directions for your tree of choice.