Biodegradable Urns

Frequently Asked Questions

General Inquiries

What is included in the box?

The product includes: the container box, the two sections of the KIRI urn (growth capsule and ash container), the selected seed (more than enough quantity), fertile substrate (450 grams) and the packaging with its instructions.

What is your size and weight?

The dimensions of the product are 160x160x282 mm and a weight of approximately 1,000 grams.

How much ash can the urn hold?

The Urn is prepared to contain 2.5kg of ashes. It should be noted that the cremation of an average adult produces approximately 2kg of ash.

Does the KIRI urn have an expiration date?

The KIRI urn does not expire. However, it is recommended to store in dry and well ventilated environments. In the case of the seed, to maximize its germination capacity, it is recommended to sow within a margin of less than 2 years, after being delivered.

Once planted, does it require special care?

The same care is required as any other tree. Abundant humidity and light are recommended to ensure proper germination. Be sure to pay attention to the special recommendations according to the selected tree species.

Recommendations for Planting

Can I place a small amount of ashes?

A small amount of ash can be placed. Regardless of the amount, when planted, the ashes integrate into the soil, forming substrates that promote tree growth.

Can the KIRI pet urn be used?

The KIRI urn can be used for pets or people. Although the urn is generic for both cases, differentiated packaging for pets is being prepared. Depending on the size of the pet, you can request filler of repairing mineral of sulo (vermiculite and perlite).

Can I use my seed or seedling in the KIRI urn?

Any type of seed or seedling can be used in the KIRI urn. It is recommended to plant regional or native species to ensure growth. Depending on the climate and time of year, it is advisable to germinate the seeds indoors and then plant them together with the Urn.

Where can the KIRI urn be planted?

The KIRI urn can be planted anywhere a tree could be planted. This includes gardens, forests, orchards, and pots.

Do traditional cemeteries allow the KIRI urn to be planted?

More and more traditional cemeteries are offering the KIRI urn, however it is necessary to ask in each cemetery to know its conditions.

Can it be planted in a pot?

The KIRI urn can be planted in any space with fertile soil capable of containing the urn, including flower pots. It is necessary that it has a depth of at least 30cm. Do not hesitate to request our self-watering indoor and outdoor pots.