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Crape Myrtle Tree

Crapes don’t get any better when it comes to Natchez. Evaluated and released by the United States Department of Agriculture National Arboretum for its superior qualities, Natchez is the best of the best in tree-sized Crape Myrtles. Its proven overall performance in the landscape from the southern most region of Florida to hardiness range 7A has resulted in an undeniable status of distinction.

A member of the Indian Series, the best of the best earns its distinction aesthetically from a variety of traits. Its large pure white flowering panicles (6-12” long by 4-7 ½” wide) frequently last for more than 100 days. The extraordinary cinnamon brown exfoliating bark remains spectacular throughout the year. Natchez foliage is dark green and can turn from orange to brilliant red in the fall. When grown as a tree form, this cultivar is naturally vase shaped with uniform multiple branching for a moderately dense canopy.

Combine the outstanding aesthetic qualities of Natchez with its environmental strengths of great cold and heat tolerance, excellent resistance to powdery mildew, good resistance to Crape Myrtle aphids and it becomes clear why Natchez has been chosen the ‘Best of the Best.’ Natchez is clearly the undisputed king of Crape Myrtles.

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