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What is
a biodegradable urn?

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  • 100% Eco friendly, the best green option.
  • The only company with customer support. We are committed to helping our customers by providing knowledge and resources materials for planting successfully. Our team of professionals attends a dedicated line to assure the satisfaction of our clients.
  • Made in USA, we are manufacturers. We provide a high-quality experience applying top industry standards to the product's materials, design, and image.
  • Certified by the Green Burial Council with the highest level, 3 Leaf.
  • We help our partners in advertising the Kiri experience by providing access to our rich marketing asset base. Brand book, digital imagery, videos, and printed materials like brochures and diptychs all for free.
  • We are customer-obsessed. Our priority is to guarantee a satisfactory customer experience, and we do it by providing a seamless, joyful, and healing experience that helps people overcome the hardest of times.

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How it works?

100% eco friendly

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It is recommended to bury the seed 2 centimeters deep.

Upper compartment

The upper compartment brings a supply of soil sufficient to grow a sprout of your chosen seed.

Lower compartment

Kiri can be used with any amount of ashes, you can use all or just a portion.

Why Kiri?

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