Kiri Bio — Lucy (Cat) Blog

Kiri Bio — Lucy (Cat) Blog

The Story of Lucy

Lucy, the Siamese with a very particular personality, was the most outgoing, brave and sweet cat there ever was. Her time on this Earth was a treasure and luckily her owner Benjamin was able to gift her life again through a Kiri tree. Here’s their story.

“Lucy came into my family more than 20 years ago, but she chose me as her partner. A Siamese kitten with a very particular personality. She was outgoing and brave, but very sweet when she wanted. We accompanied each other in many stages of life, storms and sunny days. She was part of my family and always lived by my side.


Kiri Bio — Lucy (Cat) Blog


At 19 years old, the time came and I had to make a very difficult and painful decision. Lucy was already very old and sick. At that point, I already knew what to do, I knew the options well. Lucy was part of the Kiri Bio project and I chose for her to be reborn in a Kiri tree.


Despite not having green space, we chose to bury the Urn in a pot on the balcony of my apartment, a place where she enjoyed sunbathing along with many plants that offer shade in the summer afternoons and a pleasant cool in the fall.


Today, more than a year after Lucy’s death, I see a tree full of green leaves and life. I can't wait until next summer to see how it blooms for the first time.


Lucy continues living like a tree. Her memories live in me and these presents are made every morning; sometimes a memory that saddens me, sometimes a memory that comforts me, but most always a present.

– Benjamin

Lucy wasn’t just a family cat, she was a companion and friend for over 15 years. We feel so lucky that we were able to give Lucy another life in a Kiri tree and make her passing a little bit easier on Benjamin and his family.