Kiri Bio — Grandma (Mile) Kiri Tree

Kiri Bio — Grandma (Mile) Kiri Tree

The Story of Grandma (Mile)

It always saddens us to hear about the passing of a loved one. Something that helps us push through the hard times is grieving, remembering, and planting. Using a Kiri tree to give new life to someone who has passed is special and honors their life long beyond when they've left the earth. Read the story about Mile, whose grandmother recently passed.

“Today was a very special day because we are finally going to be able to "revive" my grandmother in every leaf, in every flower, for every time we see the Kiri tree. It was a healing experience, putting aside the deep pain that one feels in the face of loss. I feel close to her and feel like we ‘gave her life’ even though it doesn’t ‘give life.


It connects us and protects us. Thank you for this end and a very new beginning.”

— Mile

Thank you for sharing your story, Mile. We hope you feel surrounded by much love from your grandmother’s leaves and flowers.