How to Care for your Tree

How to Care for your Tree

Planting a tree can help transform uncultivated areas into lush, green spaces.

Beyond their visual appeal, trees symbolize the transformation we experience throughout life. The branches represent strength, growth, and support, while the roots illustrate universal interconnectedness and legacy.

At Kiri Bio, we intend to honor the stories of loved ones who have passed and celebrate their legacy. We want each bio urn to provide a meaningful memorial experience that turns a painful period of mourning into a celebration of life. For this to happen, it is important to know how to care for your bio urn, so it can grow into a beautiful full-size tree.

Your tree will need lots of water and sunlight to ensure adequate germination. Water supports the condition of the soil while sunlight provides the energy for growth. You will need to monitor your tree as well as the area around it with occasional check-ins to ensure it is progressing properly.

It is important to pay special attention to the specific recommendation for the species of tree you selected for your bio urn. Remember that any type of plant seed can be used in the Kiri Urn, though it is recommended to sow regional or native species to ensure proper growth. The seeds we offer will transform into beautiful Kiri, Catalpa, Jacaranda, or Eucalyptus trees. More information about the types of seeds and trees can be found on our website.

With frequent monitoring, as well as water, sunlight, and a little TLC, your tree will transform before your eyes. With the Bio Urn, you can feel comforted and at peace knowing that the story and memories of your loved one will live on in the form of a beautiful tree.