Brand story: Plant a Tree, Tell a Story

Brand story: Plant a Tree, Tell a Story

At Kiri Bio, we are committed to providing ecologically sensitive burial options that preserve the legacy of your loved ones.

Our 100% biodegradable urns are filled with fertile soil and your seed of choice to transform the ashes of your loved one into a beautiful tree keeping their memory alive forever.

Kiri Bio was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina as a start-up company several years ago.
The concept was inspired by the results of intense research and market studies, along with the culmination of hard work and the development of products. Our small ideas were eventually planted into bigger ideas— ones that would help grieving individuals put their loved ones to rest in a sustainable and ethical manner.

We worked tirelessly to create the industrial design and help manufacture the Kiri Urn. The result is a quality, innovative, and ecological product that is designed to turn the ashes of loved ones into a tree; a process that reduces harmful environmental impact while paying respect to their legacy.

Once planted, the seeds of the Kiri Urn grow fast and can live for more than 100 years. The most important thing is that the Kiri Tree can absorb up to five more times the carbon dioxide than any other tree, providing the purest oxygen to breathe.

We are aware of the ecological impact that can be generated from other memorial alternatives. We hope the Kiri Urn provides an alternative, sustainable option that also provides sentimental value while allowing people the opportunity to see their loved ones transform into a beloved tree for generations to come.

Kiri Bio is here to help you plant the seed that will grow into stories that will live on for generations to come.